As stewards of debt, equity, shareholder returns or partner cash-flow; it’s incumbent upon each of us to engage counsel and due diligence entities that deliver laser-focused analysis of the assets and capital that are represented.  Whether this is physical, environmental, new development, analytical or comprehensive; we’re here to partner with our clients in their capital allocation strategies.

We help our clients make the most pragmatic decisions concerning their portfolio by performing physical, environmental, architectural, construction management and financial due diligence support.  We then provide a comprehensive integration of all disciplines to assist in assessing performance opportunities and delivering results. This is done without question and without fail.  

  • Joint Accountability:  jhme’s standard of excellence requires long term commitment to sustainable returns and asset quality
  • Provide flawless execution on a national scale across a myriad of markets and assets
  • Partner to mitigate risk and foster underlying asset performance  

We have represented over $44 billion in client projects over the past decade and partner with you on your needs, as opposed to simply providing technical experts to provide reports.  The esoteric nature of our people, culture and consolidation of disciplines is what sets us apart from traditional engineering, architectural and due diligence entities.  We are partners for life…..not for a transaction.  

Our History

Founder and Principal John Jones developed the genesis of jhme Real Estate Advisors 28 years ago with a focus on engineering and architectural services. Today jhme is a preeminent consulting platform with services and human capital to support the full cycle of our client’s portfolio.  

“We must commit to serving our clients and partners through the details of due diligence. Our client caliber requires and deserves a support model that entails developing a tailored approach with their objectives in mind.”   

-John B. Jones 
Founding Principal, jhme Real Estate Advisors       

Our Vision

Support and execute for our clients throughout the commercial real estate deal-cycle by leveraging various disciplines and providing the highest quality of service. 

Our Vision


Our Values

  • Create and maintain a Culture of Accountability and a Culture of Service in all that we do
  • Integrity and Trust build relationships
  • Our Client’s objectives shall become our goals for every project

The value of our service means that we are intentional in providing our Clients more value than the fee they pay, and, when compared to the value of the service dollar received from other service providers, we are confident we deliver the most value for our Clients' service dollar. Combining the value of our professional service with the nature of our relationships and the integrity of our dealings ensures an alignment with our Clients' interests. 

What Sets Us Apart?

Depth of experience and diversification of disciplines will provide comprehensive support.

Quality:  We control the quality of our output through the sophistication of our processes and analysis.  We then commit to deploying the highest degree of accredited professionals who are required to encompass the highest degree of industry experience. 

We have never missed a deadline and will ensure that our client’s due diligence periods are accommodated. 

The value of our business lies within the integrity of our people and the clients that become our partners indefinitely. Our client list encompasses the most preeminent real estate investment groups, capital providers and institutional investors in the industry.